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Third Wednesday Suppers
As the name implies, we serve a delicious and nutritious meal to those less fortunate than us. The third Wednesday of each month, our church facilitator and Patriot Shop manager, Mr. Thommie Sears, our chef, prepares the meal. We participate in the Soup Kitchen initiated by the Christian Action Center. A monthly calendar is published and mailed by the Salvation Army, Newport. We make a difference in their meal as we lay tablecloths and candles and serve the meals on plates. That alone gives our guests a feeling of grace and dignity. Hunger should not be a part of today’s world. Donations of food and money to help this cause are welcome. Volunteers are always welcome!

NCC Mortgage Drive
To date we have paid $225,996. For the first several years, interest payments were made, nothing was applied towards the principle. In 1996, NCC kicked off a Capital Campaign goal of $175,000 (76% towards mortgage, 20% to Missions and 4% for fees). By September 2000, a total of $118,700 had been raised. By October 2000, an additional $40,000 was paid towards the principle. Negotiations were made to have that $40,000 matched by UCC. It took a while, but by September 2002, UCC corrected the paperwork to show the matching funds. By December 2002, an additional $20,000 was paid, bringing the mortgage down to at present: $13,000!

We welcome all contributions: if you can help, please make checks payable to the church, with a note in the memo section for the NCC Mortgage.