Holy Unions

Congratulations on your decision to have a Holy Union! The clergy and staff of the Newport Congregational Church are delighted that your relationship is mutually fulfilling and that you are ready to make a lifelong commitment.

The Reverends Mary Beth Hayes and Nan L Baker are ordained United Church of Christ Clergy and are in good standing within the denomination. They both have a very open and eclectic view of performing wedding service. In other words, you have a lot of say in the design and liturgy of the service. Each service is individually crafted accord-ing to your unique stories, traditions, faith background, preferences, and views. Our goal is to provide you and your family and friends with a service that meets your needs and is both memorable and fun.

The following web pages are designed to help you find needed information about your new journey in life and how the Newport Congregational Church can help you. Please use the links below to gather this information. Always feel free to call one of the staff members or the Pastors with any questions you might have in making decisions about where your service will be held.

Again, congratulations on your decision. We wish to be among the first to wish you peace and joy as you take this next step in your life together.

Reverend Nan L. Baker & Reverend MaryBeth Hayes

Where do we go from here?
Applications and details for proceeding with a service are found on this site or through the church office. If you have additional questions, please contact the church at 401-849-2238 and ask to speak to The Reverend MaryBeth Hayes or The Reverend Nan L. Baker. You may also email them by clicking on their names.

Each participant should carefully read all the material provided. If the participants agree to adhere to these policies and procedures, each should complete an application and return them with the Holy Union / Holy Matrimony Arrangement Form to the Newport Congregational Church.